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There are a lot of problems with Health Insurance. It is available for everybody but is it affordable for everyone? High Deductibles?? High Premiums??....
offers a easy, affordable and confidential way to order your own lab test from the comfort of your home. Without Health Insurance, without Medicare and without Medicaid. At a fraction of the cost. By using this advance technology...the Internet.
The system is relatively easy...
You just order the lab test you want such as HIV or Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Go to the nearest lab we have for you, to get your blood drawn. And your results will come to your email within 48-72 hours (See HOW IT WORKS for more information).
This is not limited to individuals that have Health Insurance problems..it's for everyone.
Whether you are trying to manage your own health, investigate your personal symptoms, fulfill a job or school requirement, we are here for you.
We are here for people who want greater control and increased involvement of their own health through lab testing... We are here to help you...

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